samba private and guest shares

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am trying to configure samba to have 1 private share (with password promt) and 1 guest share without any password promt. My samba config is: Code: [global] workgroup = workgroup server string = Fedora File Server log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m max log size = 50         security = user         passdb backend = tdbsam         guest account = guest         encrypt passwords = yes         map to guest = Bad User         invalid user = root         null passwords = yes         [share]         comment = Free for all         path = /home/share         public = yes         browseable = yes         writable = yes         private]         comment = group staff         path = /home/private         public = no         browseable = yes         writable = yes         create mask = 0770         directory mask = 0770 If I am connecting to private share I can't write to public share (from windows pc (it can be solved by rwx permission on folder and rxx masks in samba config, but is this good idea?)) And if I connect first to public share I can't connect to private share. Is it possible to work with this two shares from Windows pc? (HowTos)