SAMBA - Could not access PID file for smbd

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – hello, i have been trying to get this right.. but i cannot find the solution for myself problem: samba quit working after win7 I'm new-ish to linux(not using ubuntu tho, but servers) i don't know what PID is.. i just installed a new ubuntu server of an old computer, for file sharing in workgroup with samba, and a little apache server running webmin is also running, giving me an error when restarting samba all worked very well untill i used win7 to access the \\server this blog post have a fix for vista\7? connecting to samba, but wont fix my problem after i connected to the share with win7 nothing seems to work Quote: # service samba status * nmbd is running * could not access PID file for smbd and this: # service samba start * starting samba deamons [fail] restart wont work, neither do reboot the server. I am clueless some of my research is pointing me to /var/run/ and there is no smbd.pid there, not in any folder (nmbd.pid exist) i cant figure this out my self, so any help would be appreciated :Pengy: hitting f5 for this post;) and still googling around ..and sorry for my bad english (HowTos)