Safe Boot?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Greetings! Today I was tweaking a bit around with the settings, I wanted my home directory to be on another partition which I share with Windows, so I went to User/Groups in the menu panel, and set my home to /home/Sirupsen/disk, and in the folder disk I had mounted my "shared" partition. However, when I rebooted with these settings I get about 3~ errors where I can just click "ok", and afterwards it just freezes on the background. So, I was wondering how I can somehow boot back into Fedora in some kinda safe mode or similar? So I can change this to "/home/Sirupsen/" (I suppose this would be default if my users name was Sirupsen). Also, if anyone know how I can set my home directory to the other partition I'd love to know how to, since my Fedora partition is rather small where my "shared" partion is 400 gb ~. I hope someone can help. Thanks! (HowTos)