Rythmbox = Artist/Album always "Unknown"

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hello All: I have an archive of 44.1KHz 16 bit .WAV files on an external USB hard drive formatted EXT3. The Path to the external hard drive: /media/ExternalHD_Name/!_Music/Artist_Name/Album_Name/Song_Title.wav In Banshee, as well as Rhythmbox, I have applied the following settings: Preferences/General Music Library = "!_Music" File System Organization Folder hierarchy = "Artist/Album" File Name = "Title" With these settings applied the example given for this config is "The Beatles/Help/Ticket to Ride.ogg" If I had that song in my archive, then it's path would look like this: /media/ExternalHD_Name/!_Music/The Beatles/Help/Ticket to Ride.wav This seems correct, but only the song titles are pulled in, and the Artist and Album are always missed.... What am I doing wrong? iTunes and WMP are both the same way, just one big unknown album of an unknown artist. Media Monkey can handle an archive like this. I am just wondering if Linux based apps can do it? Thanks! konrad (HowTos)