Running VLC from a cronjob: How to get a DBUS connection?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm trying to run VLC headless from a cron job. The idea is to grab single images from a RTSP stream every two minutes and (later, and in another script) ftp them to a distant machine. The command line I use is (added linebreaks for clarity): vlc -I dummy rtsp://somesourceaddress/ --rate=1 --vout=dummy --video-filter=scene --start-time=0 --stop-time=1 --scene-format=png --scene-prefix=img1 --scene-path=/tmp/ --scene-replace vlc://quit However, while this works beautifully from a terminal window inside an X session, running this from cron results in the following error message: [0x81d1154] (HowTos)