Running QCad on Crunchbang Linux

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http://crunchbang.org – the instructions say to do this:wget https://www.ribbonsoft.com/archives/qcad/qcad-3.6.0-linux-x86_32.run chmond +x qcad-3.6.0-linux-x86_32.run ./qcad-3.6.0-linux-x86_32.runDid you do this? That's a typo in the instructions -- it's should be "chmod" not "chmond" -- as per the instructions, you run the program by typing "./qcad-3.6.0-linux-x86_32.run" in the directory where you did the wget . The program will not show up in the right-click  menu; this is normal.But as HoaS has pointed out, the program may not run even if you follow the directions, (HowTos)