rtorrent --with-xmlrpc-c not compiling on OpenBSD 5.1

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – My goal is to install rtorrent with xmlrpc-c support so that it can be monitored with Nativa from a remote Mac. The OpenBSD packages and ports have rtorrent, but none with xmlrpc-c support, so I tried to compile it myself. However compiling rtorrent-0.9.3 always hangs. What I have done: - install all the dependencies through packages - fetching & untaring the source-code libtorrent-0.13.3 & rtorrent-0.9.3 - ./configure && make && make install for libtorrent -> configure doesn't complain and everything compiles fine - ./configure --with-xmlprc-c && make &&a (HowTos)