RPC Library funcation on fedora

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hi, guys, I am a programmer working at fedora platform just for several months. now I want to enable the RPC runtime to maintain a duplicate request cache which must call svc_dg_enablecache() function according <unix network programming volume 2 - interprocess communications>, but when I compile the source code there's a error appeard which said svc_dg_enablecache() is not defined. Then I grep all the header filoe included in <usr/include/rpc> directory but not find out svc_dg_enablecache() function. can anybody help me to solve tow questions as below? I am appreciate if you guys could. 1: does fedora and redhat support SUN RPC Duplicate Request Cache function? 2: if not, which function could be used to get the RPC package transaction id (XID)? (HowTos)