ROOTED then Bootlooped =(

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http://androidforums.com – Okay I know this is a noob question so PLEASE excuse my noob-ism. Not sure if this should be in Q&A or Dev so please move to the correct section if I posted in the wrong one. Okay, so my phone was originally 4.0.4 with a 1.19 HBOOT and 4.1 Sense. I rooted my phone, read up on a couple of threads and youtube videos regarding how to flash CM10 and from what I got if you have 1.19 HBOOT you can't just flash it using TWRP because you can't go S-OFF. Here is where I was a bit confused and think I went wrong. I read in the description of this video How To Install OFFICIAL CyanogenMod 10 (CM1 (General)