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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Unofficial [CNA] CodeNameAndroid-skyrocket Port. FEATURE LIST ——— * Based off of Clean Android 4.1.1 Rev6 (JRO03R) * File Manager Included * T-mobile Theme Manager (tmobile, CyanogenMod, xoomdev) * T9 Dialer/Landscape/Dialpad Settings (CyanogenMod) * Trebuchet Custom Launcher (CyanogenMod) * Ability to set custom ringtone delay (in phone settings - Netboy) * Framework: added support for caller name display (kenshin) * Framework: added HSPA+ support (shows H+ icon on status bar when connected to hspa+ - Bajee11) * Framework: ability to set custom carrier label (Netboy) * Browser: option o (HowTos)