[ROM] Team SyEnce P.A.C. AIO ROM 15.8.0 UNOFFICIAL. Toroplus

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – Team SyEnce presents to you: PACman All in 1 ROM !!! This is a merge of AOKP, CM10, and Paranoid Android done by szl.kiev over at xda-developers for the Sony Xperia Ray. This is an UNOFFICIAL port of an already alpha ROM. If kittens start to raid your house in mass, then I am not responsible (also, take a picture and post it on Reddit for archival purposes) Thanks to: - FXP team - AOKP team - PA team - ExPeacer (PAC gitmaster) - kamarush - sirkay - jimtonic01 - justmpm - jesco - Kormatoes - bulook00 - MrTapa - Wechy77 - szl.klev - Google Link to ROM: http: (HowTos)