[Rom] LG - Viper ICS 4.0.1r1

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http://androidforums.com – I found a file on the LG Open Source Website the other day. Just enter LS840 for the model number. This is the file I found: LS840(Viper)_Android_ICS_4.0.4_r1_US_Sprint_Openso urce_LS840ZVG.zip In the .zip are 2 files. An Android.tar.gz and a Kernel.tar.gz file. The README says to compile to must have the Android-SDK installed and basically you just compile the LG/Sprint Viper ICS with the Android 14 in the SDK and walla you should have ICS 4.0.1r1 ready for your LG-Viper. The main problem with all of this is that you have to have Linux running to ./compile the way the readme say (General)