Rid your 11.91 kde install of qt3 for good!

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – If like me, you read this : Fedora 12 KDE spin not to be kde3-less after all and was dissapointed by the poor choice of packaging. Then you can rid your constantine of qt3 for good. If you install the alpha, it has no qt3 which is how it should be. Then when you start pulling updates, you'll get some qt3 junk coming through to replace perfectly good qt4 applications that are not quite ready for release. How to stop this silly packaging choice being forced upon your nice fedora test machine : Code: su - nano /etc/yum.conf Add : Code: exclude=qt3 to yum.conf (ctrl+o ctrl+x to save and exit.) Use : Code: yum erase k3b koffice-libs pinentry-qt exit That's it. k3b and koffice are removed but you can go get them in their qt4 versions from : http://kde-redhat.sourceforge.net/ after you do : Code: su - yum check-update && yum upgrade exit ...and your install will be free of some wildly out of date and unmaintained libraries and apps. (HowTos)