Rickshaw graphing with live data

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I have a project that is written in HTML/Bash/PHP. Rickshaw is a Javascript graphing program: http://code.shutterstock.com/rickshaw/ It says that it is capable of live graphing data. I would like to graph the current bandwidth of the web server that is serving the page. I am grabbing the data like so, from a script running on the server(this might not be the greatest idea, please chime in if you have a better idea): Code: while true do R1=cat /sys/class/net/$1/statistics/rx_bytes T1=cat /sys/class/net/$1/statistics/tx_bytes sleep 1 R2=cat /sys/class/net/$1/statistics/rx_bytes T2=cat /sy (HowTos)