RHEL6: allow remote X clients

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http://serverfault.com – Two hosts, both running RHEL6.2. One (hostA) has a X installed, the other (hostB) does not. Installing X on the second host is not an option. Runnning 'echo $DISPLAY' on hostA returns ':10.0'. On hostA, I've: - xhost + On hostB, I've: - export DISPLAY=hostA:10.0 Running 'ps -ef | grep nolisten' on hostA shows: me 2400 2398 3 10:47 ? 00:00:01 Xvnc :10 -geometry 1680x1050 -depth 24 -rfbauth /home/me/.vnc/sesman_me_passwd -bs -ac -nolisten tcp -localhost -dpi 96 How do I remove the '-nolisten tcp -localhost' remove Xvnc? I've followed the points in Karmic Koala (Ubuntu): enable r (HowTos)