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http://digitizor.com – Today with so many web hosting providers cropping up everywhere, it can sometime be a very difficult task to find the best web hosting provider which is just right for you. Of course, there are the big players like Rackspace, Servint etc. But for a small organisation, such hosting may not always be an ideal choice. WebHostingRating.com is an independent web hosting directory which provides a large listing of web hosts available in the market. It has the largest independent directory which is updated very regularly. Other than providing the directory, it also has a monthly best hosting awards, best hosting offers and offers limited discount coupons. A very useful feature offered by WebHostingRating.com is the review of the web hosts which are given by real customers. WebHostRating.com have a policy of not to edit the user reviews so that other users can get a first hand opinion of the providers. WebHostingRating.com stores a lot of details of each of the providers so that you do not have to go to their individual sites to look for the informations. The informations that they keep of the providers ranges from general informations and pricing to security and e-commerce features provided by the web hosting. Another cool feature about WebHostingRating.com is the specific ratings it provides for different types of web hosting like WordPress web hosting, Drupal web hosting etc. This is really important if you already have a specific CMS in mind. The ratings in these categories are given based on if the web hosts support the CMS in question and what the users who have used the provider for that particular CMS thinks among other things. They also maintains a large collection of articles which will help users decide on a lot of things regarding web hosting. They also provide a description of the CMS in question in their CMS specific ratings so as to help users to decide if that CMS is what they should be going for in addition to selecting the provider. To sum it all up – WebHostingRating.com is a really good directory of web hosting providers which is always kept up-to-date. Its CMS specific ratings and article list makes it a very good place to find out informations about different providers. Related Posts : How to host a web server using Python ? 5 More Interesting Facts About Facebook Make Your Own Proxy Site 4 ways to find out if your Wordpress installation has been affected by eval / base64_decode How to browse internet on a Linux system using the GPRS/EDGE connection of a phone? Whats This? (HowTos)