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http://forums.opensuse.org – This probably needs to go in a "General" forum, but I don't see one called that. I was at a bus stop taking my tower to the Freegeek lab. I met a young kid there, who was introduced to computers a few years ago. Because of what psychologists call the Language Acquisition Device, I've come to respect the skills of young kids with a few years of computer familiarity. The young kid gave me some advise, part of which was: don't trust restart; the restart button may or may not actually shut the system down. "When you add or remove software," he said, "shut your computer down and wait at least 20 seconds before rebooting. You'll find you'll have a lot fewer problems." Does "restart" and "reboot" mean the same thing? I know "restarting Firefox" isn't the same as "restarting openSUSE." I encountered some instructions yesterday, that included "You will have to restart Yast . . .." I wonder if that meant exit Yast and then come back into Yast, or restart Yast by restarting the system? Is a general rule of shutting down for 20 seconds really necessary in Linux -- or advisable for some distros but not others? (Distributions)