Response Issues With Kubuntu 9.10 (clicks)

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi Team Awesome. I have been running Kubuntu solely for about 6 months now, and I am having some troubles with the click response times. First off, love linux. Only problem is I know next to nothing about it. Hence I'm in the Newbie forum. Now, the problem I am having starts in Firefox. Particularly (I think) with Java, click times slooooooooow right down to a crawl. Take facebook for example - tagging a photo doesn't even work. No response at all. When typing messages to friends, I will type something and it takes a long time for it to show up in the chat box and then send (sometimes ~30secs or more) and by that time the person I am talking to has said 5 or 6 other things and I end up looking like a tool. Second, clicking between tabs can oftentimes be a nightmare. I 'bought' linux because I didn't want to have to restart my system, but I find I have to restart firefox instead (once a day type thing) whereas with windows I could leave it on and open for days on end without having to restart once. It's turning out to be the opposite of what I intended. To give you another example, I am now (obviously) typing in the message box. whenever I type, the letter appears where it should. The cursor is flashing three lines above where I am typing. Pretty sure it shouldn't do this. Some info: Core2Duo 3.0 4GB RAM KUbuntu 9.10 32-bit More HDD space than you could shake a stick at. Firefox 3.55 NoScript installed. I also have some other addons. - Please, unless you can provide some plausible reason don't just suggest 'disable all addons'. I am not a meat. I am here to both understand what's going on, and get some assistance in how to fix it. Anyway, if I have managed to make no sense whatsoever in this post, please ask for clarification. I have finally become fed up with having no idea why my computer behaves in such a way, and am taking steps to resolve it. I have done some research, and all I have found is that I need to restart firefox more often. With 5 windows and nigh on 100 tabs open, no thanks. Also, can I request a response from someone who not only has a healthy understanding of why and how linux works, but someone who has an excellent grasp of the english language. I'd hate to get to the wrong place due to language barriers. Thanks in advance, looking forward to being able to (hopefully) give back one day. (HowTos)