Resolving Ext3 Error: No journal on filesystem

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http://www.ubuntux.org – Ext3 is a journaled file system and maintains a journal file to prevent instances of metadata corruption due to unexpected power outage. Due to its wide testing base and relative simplicity, the file system is considered to be safer than its counterparts. But it is not completely immune to crashes. At times, when using a Ext3 formatted drive, you might receive errors suggesting that system doesn't find any journal on the file system. As a solution, you might be compelled to reinstall the system. In such situations, you need to check the status of your backup that should be valid and completely updated to restore information from. But if you observe any backup related issues, Linux Recovery utilities should be used. For an instance, while attempting to mount your Linux based hard drive, you might come across the similar error message: “ext3: no journal on filesystem” read more (Distributions)