[RESOLVED] Is #! dif than Squeeze/Openbox (And US keyboard)

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http://crunchbanglinux.org – I guess my first thing, is that my shift-3 gives me a British pound symbol, and my backslash gives me a hash... I chose us keyboard map.... the only way I have found to correct this is to setxkbmap us and I have to do this every time my computer resets.  This is annoying, as my wifi wpa2 pw includes a #... Not only that, but if i use the \ key for my # and leave it, then I have no @ key!  I have no idea where it would be!  maybe I need to add a line in the init.d (or whatever the init script is for squeeze.)Second, and more importantly, I am wondering if I installed Squeeze, Ope (HowTos)