resizing partitions

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http://askubuntu.com – I have the following configuration: sda1 1 GB maybe fat32 (windows recovery partition) sda2 40 GB ntfs(windows drive c) with boot flag sda3 around 100GB ntfs(storage partition) sda4 extended partition:sda5 10 GB ext4 partition sda6 1 GB linux swap I want to make this changes: sda2 30 GB resize(decrease size with 10 GB) sda3 around 100GB(move and maybe decrease size with 4-5 GB) sda4 around 20-22 GB (move and increase size with 10-15GB) sda5 around 20 GB (move and increase size with 10-12 GB) sda6 2 GB (move and increase size with 1 GB) Is it safe to do this operations?Will i (HowTos)