Resizing ext4 partition and applying it to an NTFS partition in Ubuntu 12.04.1?

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http://askubuntu.com – I made a miscalculation on my Ubuntu install and now need more space for my Windows (NTFS) partition (sda2). The problem is that I allocated ~ 100GiB to what I thought would be a shared media storage directory; this was placed in an extended partition (sda4), comprised of ~ 7GiB in a swap file (sda5) and ~ 100GiB in an ext4 storage partition (sda6), respectively. I no longer require this partitioning and am now looking to allocate this sda6 space more judiciously. As I understand it, I need to be able to have unallocated space in a partition next to the partition that I would like to add sp (HowTos)