Researchers find way to zap RSA security scheme

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http://www.suseblog.com – RSA security technology is not as secure as we thought. What?! Check it: “Three University of Michigan computer scientists say they have found a way to exploit a weakness in RSA security technology used to protect everything from media players to smartphones and e-commerce servers. RSA authentication is susceptible, they say, to changes in the voltage supplied to a private key holder. The researchers – Andrea Pellegrini, Valeria Bertacco and Todd Austin — outline their findings in a paper titled ‘Fault-based attack of RSA authentication’ to be presented March 10 at the Design, Automation and Test in Europe conference. ‘The RSA algorithm gives security under the assumption that as long as the private key is private, you can’t break in unless you guess it. We’ve shown that that’s not true,’ said Valeria Bertacco, an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, in a statement.” Read “Researchers find way to zap RSA security scheme” (Distributions)