replacing awk with perl

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I want the output of this file to be in a column, not next to each ohter. I tired putting a a newline escape character in a few places, but it breaks the script. It is easy in awk, just ls -ltr | awk '{print $8 }' casper@casper-laptop:~$ pwd /home/casper casper@casper-laptop:~$ ls -ltr > /tmp/outfile casper@casper-laptop:~$ cat -n /tmp/moreawkreplace 1 #!/usr/bin/perl 2 @eighth_column; 3 while ($line =<>) { 4 push (@eighth_column, (split(/\s+/, $line))[7]); 5 } 6 print join(' ', (HowTos)