Repartitioning and installing Windows

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Hi, I recently decided that I want to run a dual boot of Ubuntu 9.10 (main) and Winblows XP (games). I made 2 partitions at the end of my disk for installing Windows (20GiB for installation and 1GiB for i386 to install using BartPE). I was reminded by GRUB that my BIOS can't read past 20GiB on my disk (250GB), so I PXE booted parted magic and deleted the ntfs partitions and moved my ext4 partition forward 25GiB to make room for a /grub partition and the two ntfs partitions for Windows. Anyway I found out that this royally screwed my GRUB2, so I had to boot Ubuntu from the grub rescue> prompt (:shock:) and do some messing around to get GRUB to boot from the new /grub partition. Now when I try to boot Ubuntu from GRUB2 I have to do it manually because I get a "Cannot read file" error on my initrd.img, funny though it will boot if I do it manually and use the boot command. Anyone know why this happens? I even made a new initrd.img and pointed to it in the grub.cfg but still get the error.. Also, I PXE booted BartPE and ran winnt32.exe from the i386 folder and did the initial Windows install file copy, ran update-grub in Ubuntu to get GRUB2 to see the Windows install, but when I try to boot it NTLDR gives me a disk read error. Not having an optical drive in my laptop is such a pain in the ***.. Any help is much appreciated :) (HowTos)