Rendering Windows 7 at 1366x768 but outputting 1024x768 resolution to display (using AMD HD7770)?

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http://superuser.com – I have a Samsung 720p plasma with a native resolution of 1024x768, which is a non-square pixel format (4x3 resolution on 16x9 display). Running Windows at 1024x768 looks nice and sharp, but the aspect is off. Running at 720p (1280x720) makes the aspect ratio correct, but the output (especially text) quite blurry. What I want is to be able run Windows at 1366x768, but scale this output so the TV gets a 1024x768 resolution. Is this possible? I would also consider running a Debian based Linux distro, but the Catalyst drivers have the same options so I don't know if that would help. (HowTos)