Removing postfix caused plesk to go down (Centos)

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http://serverfault.com – I have a server (Linux Centos 6) where Plesk was installed and running correctly (except for the mail server which wasn't working for some reason). Wanting to replace the default mail server (postfix) for sendmail, I ran the following command: yum remove postfix For some reason, it also removed all the dependencies: git perl-Git plesk-core plesk-l10n plesk-mail-pc-driver pp-sitebuilder psa psa-backup-manager psa-drweb-configurator psa-horde psa-imp psa-ingo psa-kronolith psa-libxml-proxy psa-mimp psa-mnemo psa-passwd psa-turba psa-updates psa-vhost Even git wasn't working anymore. I had (HowTos)