Removing command line arguments from string list

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http://www.unix.com – I am passing a list of strings $list and want to remove all entries with --shift=number, --sort=number/number/..., --group=number/number/... Also are removed whether upper or lower case letters are used For example the following will all be deleted from the list Code: --shift=12 --shift=2324 --sHIFT=6273 --sort=12/23 --sort=12/34/890 --group=12/34/5/7 --gRoup=123/4/5/7/890/234 Currently I have coded Code: set strLst = `echo $argv[$firstArg-$lastArg]  \   | awk '{sub(/--shift=[0-9]*|--sort=[0-9]*|--group=[0-9]*/, "")};1'` Of course, the --sort and --group part (HowTos)