remove default kernel?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – On Saturday I ran online update, which included a kernel update (now x86_64). Afterwards, I set out to recompile the VMWare module, as is always required, but it complained about not finding the kernel headers for the "desktop" kernel. I have not paid a great deal of attention to the kernel since installing 11.2, but I had assumed that I was running the "default" kernel. Maybe not. Anyway, at some point I installed the default kernel in an attempt to solve the kernel header problem, and not I have both the default and desktop kernels installed. I am booting to the desktop kernel. I only want the desktop kernel installed, but if I tried to remove the default kernel through yast it insists on installing the "default-base" package, whatever that is. I'm confused about that, as there is also a "desktop-base" package. Anyway, what packages do I need installed to run with the desktop kernel (only)? After solving that, I'll be putting up a thread about the VMWare Workstation issue. :( Thanks! (Distributions)