Removable HDD Password Problem

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi there, I recently converted an oldish XP box into a samba file server running 11.2 32-bit. Everything including the RAID1 works beautifully, and the 5 users say that the network folder have never worked quicker... Awesome. However the backup is giving me gray hairs, and I need some advice on how to overcome this. For the backups, we use a 3,5" removable HDD (One of those that require you to shut the computer down, slide in place, and turn a key to activate...). After booting up with the drive in place, I need to go into Dolphin and physically click on the drive before it will activate! By activate, I mean that it then pops up a window wanting the Admin password before allowing me to access the drive. All this would be fine if I did all the backups manually, but I am trying to use "Back In Time" to schedule the backups to run on a Friday Afternoon once everyone has left... Anybody got any advice for me please. Dredger. (Distributions)