(remote: partition does not exist!) Help please

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http://forum.xda-developers.com – With my incredible s being bricked for a while now due to this : Code: INFOversion: 0.5 INFOversion-bootloader: INFOversion-baseband: 3831.17.00.24_M INFOversion-cpld: ☺ INFOversion-microp: ☺ INFOversion-main: ♦ INFOserialno: ☺páß INFOimei: 359836046556969 I was trying to reflash the bootloader and I keep getting Code: C:\Users\Marcus\Desktop\BlackRose_IS_120602_5\other>fastboot flash bootloader hb oot_1.13.0000.img sending 'bootloader' (1024 KB)... OKAY [  0.170s]           writing 'bootloader'... FAILED (remot (HowTos)