Remastersys and Splashy

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hello. I'm making a live CD with Debian Squeeze and the excellent Remastersys tool, and almost everything is finished. I got around a "DriveReadySeek" I/O errors at bootup by buring the cd with the -raw96r switch with cdrecord. Now there's only one problem to go: "SPLASHY ERROR Connection Refused." Splashy works perfect on my host machine (where the live cd builds are made), and even though it generates the error multiple times during the live cd boot, it does display the splash during the middle of the sequence. Of course, I want it displayed start to finish, no visible messages. I've tried usplash but I'm afraid I don't have the chops to customize a theme, it's just beyond my level of skill or patience. I can use the online tool at http://lunatic.no/usplash/ but it only generates 1024x768, and I need 800x600. So I'd be open to an easy way to customize usplash (a complete how to for example), but I'd prefer some tips on how to get around the "Connection Refused" problem with the live cd. I've read many usplash Debian web pages. I don't think what I need is there. Getting around the Splashy error is my focus, and I'd appreciate any help for that specifically. I have run initramfs after every change I've made to the custom splashy theme. Thanks in advance for any advice on how to fix it. (HowTos)