Reiteration of threads in Python

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http://stackoverflow.com – I am trying run a total of 8 threads on 4 cores. I bind the threads in sets of 2 to each of the core by setting the affinity. 0,1 -> core A 2,3 -> core B 4,5 -> core C 6,7 -> core D I am able to poll the threads to check if they are running. I am also able to collect the time at which it (s)tarted, (e)nd and the time at which (p)erformnace events are collected precisely. I know which of the two threads in the set is dead(by dead, i mean, the execution time is over). There can be cases where the thread 0 or thread 1 is longer than one another. In either of the cases, i.e, when (HowTos)