Regex to Parse data

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http://www.unix.com – Experts and Informed folks, Need some help here in parsing the log file. HTML Code: 1389675        Opera_ShirtCatalog INSERT INTO Opera_ShirtCatalog(COL1, COL2) VALUES (1, 'TEST1'), (2,'TEST2'); 1389685        Opera_ShirtCatlog_Wom INSERT INTO Opera_ShirtCatlog_Wom(col1, col2, col3) VALUES (9,'Siz12, FormFit', 'Test'); Now, I need to print the rest of line ie., from INSERT INTO …. till ";" which is the end of the line. This part is easy and all I have to do is - HTML Code: cat file | sed 's/) VALUES/,NEWCOLUMN) VALUES/g' |&nb (HowTos)