recovery of vista on a packard bell

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http://www.daniweb.com – first off hello all great site been a great help for the silly things i find go wrong with the software on my computers . ok here we go ....... vista (hate it) but a young friend of my daughters has asked me to sort out her computer for her . said i would then found out it is running vista . right , vista stopped booting just a black screen , went through all the things i know (my brains run xp lol) i can under stand that . tried the vista start up recovery but it locked at (start up repair) and ran for 2 days . ok i forgot it was running tried most things but could not get to the command promt when i asked the unit to repair my computer it went strate to the start up repair screen again . so was left with what i thought was the only answer F11 . but NO pressed this and just got a black screen and the hdd stopped . 2 days reading google posts and it seemed that if i got the computer to boot from a vista disk and repair it should be ok . but no got a working copy of vista pro that needs to be activated . but i can still not start the unit from F11 to recover the packard bell os . can any one help i can now get to the command prompt and checked the drives . drives on the computer . c: main hdd d: recovery hdd x: vista start disk how the hell can i get the recovery drive to start . or if i get the code for the fujitsu vista pro disk (off a unit from work) will this activate pro ???? any help will be great . thanks (General)