Recover mysql database - mysql/mysqldump gives "table <database>.<tablename> doesn't exist (1146)"

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http://serverfault.com – Backstory Ubuntu died (wouldn't boot) and I couldn't fix it. I booted a live cd to recover the important stuff and saved it to my NAS. One of the things I backed up was /var/lib/mysql. Reinstalled with Linux Mint because I was on Ubuntu 10.0.4 this was a good opportunity to try a new distro (and I don't like Unity). Now I want to recover my old mediawiki, so I shut down mysql daemon, cp -R /media/NAS/Backup/mysql/mediawiki@002d1_19_1 /var/lib/mysql/, set file ownership and permissions correctly, and start mysql back up. Problem Now I'm trying to export the database so I can restore the dat (HowTos)