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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hey guys, i just had a client back out on me on a website. I knew one of the company founders, because she used to be a nurse in the jail, so i didn't ask for money up front. It turns out that the main founder is the one doing the financial backing, and he doesn't want to pay for a website (he doesn't think that it is "beneficial"), so i'm out a few days of research, work, design, development, and the cost of a domain name. Well, i try to turn a negative into a positive, so i've launched the website as MY OWN now, knowing damned good and well that i am not a healthcare provider, but also knowing that i can use the traffic to turn this work into reward. The thing is, after brainstorming for a night, i'm still not sure what would be the best game plan. I've got ads up for now, but i wanted to see what your opinions were, as to how to use the topic of this website to its best potential. The website is http://inhomehealthcareagency.com/ . The only ideas that i've thought of so far is to try to turn it into a centralized place for agencies to be found by people who need one, and by people who want a job. That is the only idea i've come up with so far. As you can tell, i have limited imagination. I think that it would be interesting and beneficial to hear other people's opinions on this one, because this is NOT my genre. My main genre is Linux, Information Managers, and Web Services, so i'm in the dark here... Ha! Also, as you can tell, that is the second time i pulled off a "Clean" design. Usually my stuff is "too dark", ergo, unprofessional. I guess that i have a bit of professionalism in me after all... damnit :D. Also, to the Mods/Admins: I hope this is not inappropriate; i figured it was ok in "Whibble". If not, just delete it, no need for explanation. Thanx (HowTos)