Recent F12 update makes input sluggish & breaks ssh?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I just noticed it this morning, attributed it to be a driver bug or some such, but I'm afraid this has more to do with a recent update than something else... All of a sudden, input in my F12 system is sluggish as hell... At first I thought it to be a problem with display drivers (and I'm sure something to that end is involved, as the sluggishness appears only when I enter the session, not before)... Lemme try and describe what I'm seeing: First of all the laptop is using a synaptics touchpad. When I try to move the mouse pointer with it, there is a sensible (very long in terms of user interactivity) latency between the movement of my finger and the movement of the mouse pointer. All input events take way too long to be noticed by the computer. I WAS using Compiz and attributed this to be a driver issue, but this even happens if I have no composition whatsoever! Also fake transparency for stuff like Cairo-Dock or the GNOME terminal is wrong (transparency is displaying the GDM wallpaper instead of the session's wallpaper). Not only is mouse input sluggish, also keyboard input is unbearably slow, and I cannot point a finger to what the culprit may be, as I see no reasonable component recently updated that could have caused this. See attached file for my Yum.log for December. Trying to check some additional information for this post, I found out that I can't SSH into the machine either. I can ping it just fine, just cannot start an SSH session, checked all the pertinent settings (firewall, services, etc) and all seems to be OK, and yet, I cannot connect to the machine... It may have something to do with the wireless, however I can start an SSH session from the laptop to my desktop just fine, so I don't think the interface may be a problem. Attached Files yum.log.txt (9.4 KB) (HowTos)