Is this a reasonable disk drive speed?

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http://serverfault.com – I am tuning the server and it seems to me that the hard drive speed (particularly writes) is quite slow. The results I get are below. This is a SCSI 10k RPM from HP (came with the server). The drives are not mirrored, not in a RAID - just stand alone drives. C:\>disksped 64 d:\ DISKSPEED (C) Alexander Grigoriev, [email protected] Test File: "d:\$$test$$.tst" Test File Size: 64 MB Testing Uncached New File Write Speed.... Data Transfer: 3.92 MB/s, CPU Load: -0.1% Testing Uncached Write Speed.... Data Transfer: 7.06 MB/s, CPU Load: 0.8% Testing Uncached Read Speed.... Data Transfer:141.29 MB (HowTos)