Realtek 8172se Wireless Issues

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am unable to use the wireless on my Toshiba T135 laptop. I have made much progress with the drivers, though they're not at 100%. Internet stops working at random though the wireless never reports signal lost, and I have been having lots of problems with encryption, especially WPA networks. It's my hope that someone else in the forums can benefit from my experience, and possibly find something I missed. lspci lists my device as a Realtek 8172se device. Realtek does not offer a driver for that card, but I have found that the driver for the rtl8192se is the driver that they recommend. The current kernel does not have a module yet for this hardware, so there are two options from here, both I've tried with varying success. Ndiswrapper The Realtek website offers a full set of the windows drivers. These can be installed as normal with ndiswrapper. -The WinXP driver does not work with ndiswrapper. For me or several other people. The computer cannot find wlan0, even though ndiswrapper lists the device as present. -The Win2k driver works, and NetworkManager can find networks, but it would not work with my WEP encrypted network. I have yet to test it on an unencrypted network. Linux Driver Realtek also offers a linux package to install, but Fedora has several issues with it. Using the general make command works fine, and the process reports success (as far as I could tell anyway,) but running make install yields the error "No rule to make target 'Missing Syscalls'" and the process exits without installing it. There are still a few ways to make it work, but nothing permanent. -Running the wlan0up supplied with the source code (see the supplied readme with the linux driver for details) will activate the wireless, but this has to be done every time Fedora restarts. The wireless connection works, as well as the encryption for WEP and WPA networks, but with the random breaks in internet service I've experienced. -I have also attempted a manual install of the drivers, copying the rtl8192se_pci.ko generated by make to /lib/modules/<kernel version>/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ and copying the firmware from the source archive to /lib/firmware/<kernel version>. This yields about the same result as the supplied wlan0up, but doesn't have to be done every reboot. In order to use the driver once the internet stops functioning, it seems I have to restart the computer, or otherwise stop and restart the wireless device. The supplied wlan0down usually works, but not always. Other than that, I really haven't had much luck. If anyone else has a better solution to this, I would be glad to hear it. Good Luck. BTW: this thread covers most of the things I've tried in more detail. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...ux/+bug/401126 (HowTos)