Really need help Sylpheed on 11.1

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I regret that I have spent a couple years in the Debian world. But now I am in OpenSuse, so hopefully my future will be shining and beautiful. However, I am addicted to the Sylpheed mail client and I can't get it working in 11.1. Aside: I started by installing 11.2, but there are too many bugs with Gnome 2.8.0. I tried several other distros before OpenSuse, all with Gnome 2.8.0, and each one caused me grief. Rather than try to install an older Gnome on 11.2, I wiped out 11.2 and installed 11.1. When I had 11.2 the YaSt > Software Management appication listed Sylpheed and I was able to install it with a mouse click. But in 11.1 Software Management does not list it. I found this web page which suggested how to install Sylpheed: Software.openSUSE.org I chose the One-Click Install button and it installed it. But it won't launch. From the command line I get: jjj@linux-a87c:~> sylpheed sylpheed.log: rename: Permission denied sylpheed.log: fopen: Permission denied Segmentation fault jjj@linux-a87c:~> I should add that I copied the configuration folder from my previous distro and put it in ~/. After getting the above error message I did: linux-a87c:/home/jjj # chown -R jjj:users .sylpheed-2.0/ But it still wouldn't launch from the Applications menu. From the command line I get: linux-a87c:/home/jjj # sylpheed Segmentation fault I hope someone can help because I have no e-mail until I get Sylpheed working.I'm kind of desperate. (Distributions)