Reading a csv file using shell script

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http://www.unix.com – Hello All, I have a csv file that looks like below Code: ProdId_A,3.3.3,some text,some/text,sometext_1.2.3 ProdId_B,3.3.3,some text,some/text,sometext_1.2.3 ProdId_C,3.3.3,some text,some/text,sometext_1.2.3 ProdId_A,6.6.6,some text,some/text,sometext_9.9.9 I will get ProdId from user.I need to write a script that will find a match from entries above.Search should start from last entry and go upward. For example if I get "ProdId_A" from user I should be able to get other values like 6.6.6 , 9.9.9. Thanks in advance !!! (HowTos)