Readin document & creating path

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http://www.unix.com – Need a way to read a file in who every line is a path to a directory and make shortcut to that directory on a specific place. Example: line in the document Code: /media/gogo/6651-FEAB/Desktop/ /media/gogo/6651-FEAB/Desktop/alex/ /media/gogo/6651-FEAB/linux/ /media/gogo/6651-FEAB/eks/HDD.Regenerator.2011-RES/INFOS/ and i need a way to crate a shortcut in a folder to every line ( path ) from the code above. to Code: /media/gogo/6651-FEAB/Desktop need a shortcut in Code: /home/Document/Shortcut/ and for name of the shortcut need the path it self ( /media/gogo/6651-FEAB/De (HowTos)