Is RAID the right way to go on an Ubuntu 11.10 server running on old hardware? [closed]

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http://serverfault.com – I have an older computer running Ubuntu server 11.10. It has an 20GB IDE drive in it which is the main system drive. This system works great as a git repository, VPN, SSH, etc. I wanted to also have it be the house's media server (plex or xbmc). So I purchased a PCI SATA controller which takes four inputs. I found two SATA drives and plugged them in. Linux can see the just fine and reports that I now have /dev/sda (root/swap/boot) as 20GB, /dev/sdb (blank) as 250GB and /dev/sdc (blank) as 120GB. My question is how should I go about using this new space? Especially if the intent is to make it (HowTos)