Raid 1/10: Kernel panic- not sysncing: attempted to kill innit

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http://serverfault.com – I have setup Raid 1 & Raid 10 in Virtual Box for learning purpose. The following Partitions for 4 Hard Drives: I make a 100mb partition (/boot) on four drives and make that a raid 1 partition. Then with the remaining space on each drive, I've setup software raid 10 and configure it to LVM. In the LVM I setup a 4gb swap partition and 20GB for root partition (/) as ext4. It appear to be working when I have installed CentOS 6.2 64Bit. Then I decided to remove second HD (Disk2.vdi) to see what happen and restart the virtual machine then I get an error: Kernel panic - not sysncing: Attem (HowTos)