Quick review for SING , first distro of 31 Flavors of Fun project

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http://www.linuxandlife.com – SING is the first distro released by Todd Robinson for his 31 Flavors of Fun ( there are 4 available distros already). I was curious so I downloaded and put it into a USB drive anyway to test it. Here is a quick review for SING with some screenshots of this distro in live CD mode: The size of SING is pretty big (over 1.7 GB) so you will need a DVD or a 2GB+ USB to test it, I used Unetbootin to create the bootable USB and got no problem at all. The desktop environment of SING seems to be Gnome 2 and is highly decorated with an AWN dock at the top of the screen and a tint2 panel at the bottom. (Distributions)