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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – i'm working on transition from windows to linux and i've been working with ubuntu. i can't put my finger on it but i just don't like it. i'm wanting to switch to fedora but it's been a while since i did the install and i needed to check something. i've got two hard drives right now, ubuntu on one xp on the other, and when my system boots it asks me which one i want to load. i think that's awesome and want to keep that feature! so do i log into ubuntu and there's an uninstall feature? or do i go into windows and wipe the other drive (which i can't even see for some reason)? i'm just really lost, i've got the live cd for fedora, can someone tell me how to get rid of ubuntu and load fedora in it's place on the other drive, while retaining that GRUB boot up option? (HowTos)