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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi, Below is the requirement. Please let me know if anyone can suggest a solution. There is a host variable by name MOUNT1 which holds value /ora1 $ echo $MOUNT1 /ora1 Similarly there are 5 variables (MOUNT1 thorugh MOUNT5) with different mount point values. The number suffix after MOUNT (1 in above example) is coming dynamically from a varaible VAR $ echo $VAR 1 The value of VAR will vary in a loop (first time it will be 1, second time it will be 2 etc.. after reaching 5 it will again start from 1) Now how do I get the "/ora1" value inside the loop. Something like echo $MOUNT$VAR. But its not simple. echo $MOUNT$VAR will not work (it will just return 1 instead of /ora1). Let me know if any of you can find the answer. Please let me know incase if you could not understand the puzzle. (HowTos)