Question about Wep Cracking i did evrying even got the pass and

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http://www.backtrack-linux.org – Sorry if i Write my post in the wrong sub forum , And also i am sorry for my bad english ( i am russian and i trying my best ) Ok so , i am new and this sub forum bignier's so it's me. I used Airodumb-ng to monitor an AP than used it to scan trafic from one with wep encryption when i get enuch Data from him i used aircrack-ng to crack the wep from the field i creat before with my data after 1h i Found the key The output was : KEY FOUND! [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx] Decrypted corectly 100% and now whan i know my ap and know this key how i log in to the AP =\ I wrote the key in my W (HowTos)