A question about Linux Enterprise license

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Dear all, I have a question about Linux Redhat Enterprise license and I would appreciate if you could kindly help me. I have installed a linux Enterprise 5.3 as virtual machine (virtualbox). The pc used for this purpose is my enterprise laptop (therefore a professional and not a personal Computer). However, I use the server only for learning purpose, that is, only for running the examples in my linux books (Redhat certification) just for learning the stuff. There is absolutely no data related to my enterprise, stored or used on this server. Whenever I want to work with my enterprise data, I use the server of the enterprise which has of course the appropriate license. So as I said, I use this Enterprise server on the virtual machine only for running exercices/commands in my books just for learning and I'm the sole person who uses this server (no remote connection for other users). The reason for which I needed to install this server on my PC was that our administrator couldn't provide a training environment for me with all required privileges and functionalities. Am I supposed to buy a license for this installed Enterprise server on my virtual machine? Thanks in advance, Dariyoosh (HowTos)